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Holy Smoke is one of the leading craft beer bars in the country and our offerings rotate daily. Holy Smoke is rated WORLD CLASS (A+) by BeerAdvocate.com. Holy Smoke has huge beer cellars, to hold beers to their perfection, so don’t be suprised see a 3yr old Barley Wine or a 4yr old Strong Ale on our taps-hell we waited a long time to make sure they are perfect and want to now share them with you!!

We hold Brewery Series Nights and Beer Pairing dinners throughout the year, so our patrons can meet the people behind these great products. If you would like to be informed of these happenings please fill out the newsletter space, and we will get you into the mix straight away.

Along with our excellent selection of craft beers, we honor true “American food-BBQ”, with a true American spirit-Bourbons. These spirits are 100% American and delicious.

We hope to see you soon.